May 13, 2024

Moving Company Case Study: Chap's Professional Movers

We discuss how we were able to produce for one of our low budget partners in this case study about Chap's Professional Movers in Atlanta, GA.

Moving Company Case Study: Chap's Professional Movers

Enhancing Chap's Online Presence & Lead Generation

Executive Summary

Chap's Professional Movers, targeting the competitive Atlanta moving market, aimed to boost online visibility, traffic, and quality lead generation. Utilizing a dual-strategy, we created service area pages for commercial and transactional keywords, and blog content for informational keywords. This approach led to a significant increase in web traffic, with notable improvements in user engagement and search rankings. The campaign generated an average of 9-12 high-quality leads monthly, with a 90% close rate. Moving forward, we recommend continuing this strategy, focusing on expanding reach and refining SEO tactics. Chap's is now considered a close partner

Now, let's delve deeper into the campaign's journey, starting with its inception and strategic planning.


Company Overview

Chap's Professional Movers, a moving company based in Atlanta, specializes in both residential and commercial moving services. Their target demographic includes residents in high-rental areas and businesses, particularly universities and professional service firms. Despite offering robust services, Chap's faced challenges in establishing a strong online presence in the highly competitive moving industry.

Campaign Inception

In August 2023, Chap's Professional Movers embarked on a digital marketing campaign with clear objectives: to enhance their online visibility, significantly increase web traffic, and generate quality leads. Their need for a refined online strategy was imperative, especially in an era where digital presence is crucial for business growth and customer engagement.


The primary goals of the campaign were threefold:

  1. Increase Website Traffic: To attract more visitors to their website, thereby expanding their digital footprint and customer base.
  2. Improve Search Engine Rankings: To achieve higher rankings in search results for targeted keywords, essential for visibility in a competitive market. For a deeper dive into the factors that influence these rankings, Chap's Professional Movers can benefit from our expert guide on SEO Ranking Factors, offering valuable insights and practical tips.
  3. Generate High-Quality Leads: To ensure that the leads generated were of high quality and relevant, reducing the time and resources spent on non-converting inquiries.

Understanding these objectives was the first step in crafting a strategy that would not only meet but exceed Chap's Professional Movers' expectations. The subsequent sections will explore the strategies implemented, the results achieved, and the insights gained from this comprehensive digital marketing campaign.

Pre-Campaign Status

Before the initiation of the digital marketing campaign in August 2023, Chap's Professional Movers' online presence was relatively minimal, presenting several challenges and opportunities for growth.

Initial Online Presence and Performance

  • Web Traffic: The company's website was underperforming in attracting visitors, with a monthly average of only 5-10 users. This low traffic indicated limited online visibility and a small digital footprint.
  • SEO Standing: Chap's Professional Movers' website ranked poorly in search engine results, particularly for competitive keywords relevant to the moving industry in Atlanta. This low ranking contributed to their reduced online visibility.
  • Content Quality: The existing content on the website was not effectively optimized for SEO, lacking targeted keywords, and not structured to engage the intended audience.

Digital Marketing Challenges

  • Competitive Market: The moving industry in Atlanta is highly competitive, making it challenging to stand out and capture the attention of the target audience.
  • Quality Lead Generation: Chap's required a strategy that would not only increase the quantity of leads but also ensure their quality, to avoid spam and irrelevant inquiries.
  • Asset Limitations: The initial lack of high-quality visual and content assets posed a challenge in creating engaging and SEO-friendly content.

These initial conditions set the stage for the development of a focused and strategic digital marketing campaign. Understanding these baseline metrics and challenges was crucial in designing a campaign that would effectively address these areas and position Chap's Professional Movers for digital success. The next section will detail the strategic approach and implementation that transformed Chap's online presence and lead generation capabilities.

Campaign Strategy

To address the challenges and meet the objectives identified in the pre-campaign analysis, a two-pronged strategy focusing on SEO and content marketing was implemented.

SEO and Content Marketing Strategies

  • Service Area Pages: These pages were created to target specific commercial and transactional keywords. By focusing on various geographical locations and specific services, these pages aimed to attract potential customers in targeted areas and improve local SEO standings.
  • Blog Content: The blog focused on informational keywords, providing valuable content to the audience. This approach aimed to establish Chap's as an industry authority, improve engagement, and enhance SEO through relevant, keyword-rich content.

Overcoming Challenges

  • Asset Creation and Utilization: Due to the initial lack of assets, high-quality images from resources like Unsplash were used to enhance the visual appeal of the content, making it more engaging and shareable.
  • Targeted Lead Generation: The campaign specifically aimed at generating high-quality leads. By focusing on detailed targeting and creating content tailored to the ideal customer profile, the campaign minimized spam leads and increased the potential for conversions.

Implementation and Tactics

  • Content Rollout: A consistent schedule was maintained for rolling out service area pages and blog posts, ensuring a steady stream of fresh, SEO-optimized content.
  • Keyword Optimization: Rigorous research and selection of keywords were undertaken to ensure the content resonated with both the target audience and search engine algorithms.
  • Performance Monitoring: Regular monitoring and analysis of traffic, engagement, and lead quality were conducted to gauge the effectiveness of the strategies and make necessary adjustments.

This strategic approach was designed to not only enhance Chap's online presence but also to drive meaningful engagement and high-quality lead generation. The focus on both service area specificity and informative content provided a comprehensive method to address the various aspects of digital marketing, from SEO to customer engagement. The subsequent section will delve into the results and analysis of this approach, showcasing the impact of these strategies on Chap's Professional Movers' online success.

Performance & Metrics

The strategic implementation of the campaign yielded notable results, significantly improving Chap's Professional Movers' online presence and lead generation within the competitive Atlanta moving market.

Key Performance Metrics and Results

  • Increased Web Traffic: The website experienced a substantial increase in traffic, with a mix of direct, organic, and referral visitors. Specific figures showcased 288 direct users, 274 organic, and 20 referral, reflecting a broadened digital footprint.
  • Improved SEO Rankings: The targeted approach to content creation and keyword optimization led to a marked improvement in search engine rankings. Notably, Chap's achieved a 66.67% Click-Through Rate (CTR) for specific targeted phrases and a 15.38% CTR for broader terms like "movers near me."
  • Effective Lead Generation: The campaign generated an average of 9-12 high-quality leads per month, with a remarkable 90% close rate, indicating not just an increase in leads but also their relevance and quality.

Analysis of Outcomes

The results clearly demonstrated the effectiveness of the dual strategy of service area pages and informative blog content. The comprehensive SEO and content marketing approach effectively addressed the initial challenges, propelling Chap's Professional Movers to a prominent position in their target market.

  • User Engagement: The increase in page views and engagements indicated that the content was resonating with the audience, leading to longer site visits and interactions.
  • Keyword Success: Achieving top rankings for highly competitive keywords significantly boosted the brand's visibility and credibility in the moving industry.
  • Quality Over Quantity: The focus on generating high-quality leads resulted in a high conversion rate, emphasizing the importance of targeted marketing efforts.

Future Outlook and Recommendations

Based on the campaign's success, several recommendations can be proposed to sustain and further enhance Chap's Professional Movers' online presence:

  1. Content Expansion: Continue developing service area pages and informative blog content, possibly exploring new themes or customer pain points to attract a broader audience.
  2. SEO Refinement: Regularly update SEO strategies to adapt to changing search engine algorithms and market trends.
  3. Engagement and Conversion Optimization: Implement strategies to further improve user engagement on the website and conversion rates, such as A/B testing, user experience enhancements, and call-to-action optimization.
  4. Brand Building: Leverage the increased brand visibility to expand into new markets or service areas, capitalizing on the established reputation.

In conclusion, the digital marketing campaign for Chap's Professional Movers significantly transformed their online presence, search engine rankings, and lead generation capabilities. The success of this campaign serves as a robust foundation for future marketing initiatives and continued growth in the competitive moving industry.


The digital marketing campaign for Chap's Professional Movers stands as a resounding success, demonstrating the profound impact of a well-crafted SEO and content marketing strategy in a highly competitive industry. The campaign's achievements in increasing web traffic, improving SEO rankings, and generating high-quality leads have set a new benchmark for Chap's Professional Movers in the Atlanta moving market.

Summarizing the Success

  • Enhanced Online Visibility: The significant increase in web traffic from various sources has elevated Chap's Professional Movers' online profile, ensuring that they are a prominent player in the Atlanta moving industry.
  • Search Engine Triumph: The impressive search rankings for targeted keywords have not only boosted the brand's visibility but also its credibility, making it a top choice for potential customers.
  • Lead Generation and Conversion: The strategy's focus on quality over quantity in lead generation has led to a high conversion rate, ensuring that the leads are not only numerous but also valuable.

Reflecting on the Journey

This case study encapsulates the journey of transforming a relatively obscure online presence into a commanding digital force. It highlights the importance of understanding the target market, the power of strategic content creation, and the necessity of continuous monitoring and adaptation in digital marketing.

Future Path and Recommendations

As Chap's Professional Movers looks to the future, it is crucial to build on this momentum. The continued evolution of their digital marketing strategies, adaptation to market changes, and exploration of new opportunities for engagement and growth will be key to sustaining and enhancing their market position. Chap's Professional Movers elected to choose Frontend Horizon as their long term solution, as they've increased their plan tremendously, and will be moving towards a solidified multi channel campaign engaging both through search and social channels.

Final Thoughts

The success story of Chap's Professional Movers serves as an inspiring example for other businesses in similar competitive landscapes. It underscores the potential of targeted digital marketing strategies to make a substantial difference in achieving business objectives. This case study not only celebrates the achievements of Chap's Professional Movers but also offers valuable insights and lessons for businesses aiming to elevate their digital marketing efforts.

In essence, the journey of Chap's Professional Movers from a limited online presence to becoming a leading name in the Atlanta moving market is a testament to the power of strategic digital marketing in the modern business world.




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